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"Got a secret
Can you keep it?
Swear answer’s will come your way
Better kill her cos you love her
Taking Mona to the grave
Please just trust me, just believe me, stick just with me, until spring
Lol just kidding, just ripped your heart out cos I’m Marlene, fucking King"

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do you guys remember that one post about how men feel entitled to take up so much space and women have to deal with a lot less?

This is actually a documented thing. You always see men on the subway or tube or whatever using both armrests while women sit with their arms hunched together into their laps. That’s why I always make a point to take up at least one if not both armrests of the tube so men can be uncomfortable for once.

^ again, for all the people telling me posting this picture is complaining too much.

In my college classes (and high school too) guys were always stretching, sticking fists and elbows in my face, leaning their heads back over my desk, over my work, spreading their legs out, kicking my bag with their dirty shoes. And let’s not pretend they were in other guys’ space as much as they were in women’s.

It’s so true, this happens to me every day on the train. Same with the walking thing, women will weave out of the way whereas men just walk straight and plow down anything in their path. I always end up playing chicken with men on the sidewalk now, because I refuse to move out of their way.

I love playing chicken with dudes who hog the sidewalk. BODY CHECK! Fucking assholes.



Men always have the same defensive bullshit to spout every time they get called out on their shit. AND IT IS BORING. They remind me of those toys where you pull a string an they have like 5 phrases they can say. Over and over and over.

same here with playing chicken, its hilarious sometimes because they get this flash of realization in their eyes that says ‘holy shit, she’s NOT going to move/??? what do????’ because THEY ARE SO USED TO EVERYONE MOVING FOR THEM

when i was younger my grandpa drew this on a piece of paper,

and he asked me how i, as the red circle, would get around the two people (black circles) if i was walking down the street.

so of course i came back with

moving out of the way for them as i walked.

he asked me if i thought men would do the same and, at the time, i did because i thought it was just common courtesy. but he told me that men would barrel straight through without giving a shit and that i should do the exact same. because i was the one walking and they were the ones in the way. so that’s exactly what i do.

i find this really fascinating because this actually what defines so-called masculine and feminine traits and gestures. the whole limp-wrist thing? that’s someone decreasing the amount of space they take up by not extending their arm fully. same with crossing one’s legs, how it’s considered more masculine to swing your shoulders when you walk creating a wider gait instead of your hips, how someone who holds their elbows tightly into their torso instead of letting them fall more loosely at their sides is considered feminine.

taking up space is not just a frequent habit of males in our culture, its actually how society thinks masculinity is supposed to be expressed.

It’s also why you can seriously freak people out if you’re a woman by sitting back in your chair and draping your arm over the backrest of the one beside it.

Try it.

It’s claiming space, and more importantly, it’s powerful body language. In primates (including humans), the individual that “opens” its chest—that is, leaves it open to attack—is the most dominant of them, precisely because it shows a confidence that no one WILL attack you.

Look at someone who’s comfortable vs someone who’s uncomfortable—the uncomfortable person will inevitably cross their arms or cover their chest to in an instinct to protect the thoracic cavity.

So, when you want to look HELLA confident, open up your chest and make direct eye contact. It feels weird (for women!) at first, but it’s the fastest way to freak a dude out. They genuinely do not know what to do when a woman displays behaviour they recognize as confident.

This was interesting. Literally never thought about it before. 


I want to eat pizza all day but I also want to be skinny, do you see the problem


im funnier online where I can’t stutter


my favourite thing to do in the holidays is fuck up my sleeping pattern as much as possible


"What’s your favorite album, or book?" "I really like Metamorphosis, I think it says a lot about the human condition and psyche." "Yeah I love Franz Kafka." "Oh no, I was talking about Hilary Duff’s debut album."  

my life is one big “wow ok”


i wonder how people describe me when they’re talking about me to someone who’s never met me



not my family bitch

why am i crying




Okay so it’s been a long time since I’ve actually “blogged” as in writing out my feelings and posting them on a social media website. But today had me reeling. 

Okay so today was the chaand raat mela that our Muslim community hosts the day before eid. Everyone and anyone I’ve ever known (who’s a Muslim) was going to be there. I absolutely HATE Muslim/Desi gatherings because… well… I just don’t blend in with them. I’m such a different person, it’s so hard to find someone that I actually like hanging out with. Anyways, husband, mother and I were going to a restaurant to break our fast. It was all wonderful until mother’s friend calls and pretty much begs her to go to the mela. I obviously threw a fit but since we’re moving out of state I felt guilty for not letting her meet her friends for the last few times. So we went. 

We get there and I see girls dressed up as if it were their wedding. They have their hair, nails, make up done. Wearing beautiful outfits and stilettos. I am wearing a simple Pakistani outfit and flip flops. Whoops. Anyways, I go inside the mela and see millions of people I’ve known since I was like 2. Half of them brush past as if I were nothing more than a dust particle. The other half either smile/wave/walk up to me and insult me. Yes. They literally walk up to me and say “Oh I haven’t seen you in a long time. You’ve gotten ridiculously fat” I HAD A KID WHAT DO THEY EXPECT OF ME?! Anyway, I ignore the remarks and greet them with respect. A girl that was once my best friend came up to me and asked me who my daughter was. I told her. She was baffled. Then her mother comes up to me and says OH Hi. I see you’ve completely busied yourself with having kids. KIDS! I have ONE kid. Oh my God. It was ridiculous. Everyone I met either said something about me not having a life anymore due to my having a child. OR said something about my weight. Wonderful. 

The point is I felt so sad because I once knew these people so well and I was such good friends with them and I fit in. But ever since I stopped judging other people, became a person that doesn’t backbite all the time, and became a bit more religious, I suddenly was from Mars. I don’t understand why our community judges everyone so easily. I mean just because I won’t sit with you and talk about another girl and how ugly she looks in her outfit doesn’t mean I’m not “cool” enough to hang out with. 

I didn’t feel left out as much as I felt annoyed by my own race and the shallowness of their brains. Islam is a such a beautiful religion and Muslims today just give it a bad name. I would never steal, kill, lie, hurt anyone else with my words or actions, or do anything that’s even slightly immoral. But today’s Muslims breathe insults and vulgarity. It’s painful to watch the morality slip away from the hearts of Muslims. 

BUT on a brighter note, I was standing alone on the outer side of the mela (festival) and a Caucasian lady was also sitting there. She said Hi to me and started talking to Inaya and complimented on how beautiful Inaya looked and we just had a general conversation and it was so nice to actually get to talk to someone who didn’t judge me or call me fat. That definitely was the highlight of my day :)







The 21 Most Ridiculous Infomercial Gifs. How Do I Life?

my favorite thing to do when i’m bored is watch failed informercials




…..THIS ONE is frickin classic though

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